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As you may know, there is increased awareness of concussions and how they impact our athletes and families.  Below is a link to the concussion wise program offered by the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society. It is free of charge for coaches. The league requires ALL coaches to access the link and train yourself on this important piece of information. At the conclusion of the training, you will have a confirmation email sent to you with your certificate of completion please forward this confirmation email to your league representative for our records. If you do not send the confirmation email to your rep you will not be issued a coaching card for the upcoming fall season.

  How to log on to the BMYSL Website  

This document describes the following:

1. How to log on to the website.
2. How to retrieve your Username/Password.
3. How to get added to the Directory so you can get a Username and Password.

The document is in both Microsoft Word format (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat Format (.pdf).
Microsoft Word Document - Logging into the Web Site.doc   
Adobe Acrobat PDF Document - Logging into the Web Site.pdf   

 Game Reporting (Scores and Assessments)  

Information and instructions for reporting game scores and referee assessment.

Note: Please remember both teams must submit an on-line game report for every game (whether it is played or not).
Microsoft Word Document - Reporting Game Scores-1.doc   
Adobe Acrobat PDF Document - Reporting Game Scores-1.pdf   

 Coaching Guidelines and Rules 

The BMYSL Coaching Guidelines and the U8 Rules have been updated and posted.  Please refer to these documents for rules, fees and codes of conduct.  Every Head Coach shall keep a copy of these rules with them at every game. Microsoft Word Document - 2013_Coaching_Guidelines.doc   
Adobe Acrobat PDF Document - 2013_Coaching_Guidelines.pdf   
Microsoft Word Document - BMYSL - U8 Rules.doc   

 Finding Game Schedules, Directions and Contacts  

Finding Game Schedules, Field Directions  and Coach Contact Information:

To locate directions or contact information for a particular game, go to the
Home Page Menu and select:

" Schedules/
" Select the appropriate Season /
" Select the DETAILS link associated with the game  

 How do I reschedule a Game?  

- All game changes requests MUST be submitted through the league web site by the club's commissioner following established procedures.  All change requests MUST be approved by both teams by 6:00 a.m. on the Monday before the weekend the game is scheduled to be played.  So for example any game change requests for the opening weekend of the season (9/11/10 and 9/12/10) MUST be in the system as approved by both teams no later than Monday, September 6th at 6:00 a.m.

 How do I report game scores? 

- All games scores Must be reported by both teams (and this includes U8) no later than Monday at 6:00 p.m. for games played the two days (Saturday and Sunday) before.  For example, all games scores for games played Saturday, September 11th and/or Sunday, September 12th MUST be entered in the system, by both teams, no later than 6:00 p.m. on Monday, September 13th.  Failure to do so could result in the team(s) not reporting being charged with a loss even if in fact they actually won the game.  Should a score discrepancy arise the game scheduler will reach out to the impacted teams for resolution.  As such it is strongly recommended that at the end of each game the opposing coaches meet with the referee and confirm the actual final score.

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